Bringing it back - Introducing our Legacy Collection

With our Legacy Collection we take it back to the glorious times of Ancient Egypt, to the great masters and sages from the Nile. We are kicking off this collection with two stunning and fun cartoon designs focusing on the intellectual and spiritual heritage of our ancestors.

When brainstorming for motifs we loved the powerful idea of transforming well-known ancient figures into kid characters. And now here we are, the great mysteries are guarded by children and the god of protection and guidance Anubis manifested as a youth.



What can the wisdom of an old empire mean for our youth today? Egypt reminds us of our intellectual roots. Getting to know the black nations of antiquity, that created a way of life that unites spirituality, science, philosophy and art, can help the youth of today to live their life the most real way.


You need to know where you have been to know where you are going.


Ancient astronomy described in our "Signs in the Sky" poster

Our ambition to develop the Legacy Collection is to inspire young people to explore life and to bring back the gifts of our ancestors (not just from Egypt). Especially in these busy times it can help to become a Wisdom Seeker or Treasure Keeper to find out what is real. It is cool to unearth hidden jewels, not just in Minecraft. It is exciting to see your talents unfold, not just on the PlayStation controller. It is impressive to watch a seed grow, not just on YouTube.

With our Legacy Collection we want to remind kids everywhere that the power and mysteries of life lie in their own little hands and that they are already as great as the masters of old.

And if you want to get started right now, here are

10 Things Ancient Egyptian to try out with your kids today 

1 Find Egyptian sand to buy online
2 Learn easy Egyptian math in this video
3 Find children's books on Ancient Egypt on African American children's bookstore
4 Check out our Pinterest board Egyptian Kids for many Egyptian activities
5 Google modern pyramids in USA (don't forget to take a look at the one-dollar bill)
6 Watch Michael Jackson's Remember the Time

7 Download "Egyptian Hieroglyphics" app (
8 Let's talk! What treasure would YOU guard over millennia?
9 Encourage a conversation: Maat is the principle of justice, order, balance, peace and harmony, which was at the very core of Ancient Egyptian thought. Where can we find Maat today? Think of yourself and also of society.
10 Last, but not least, walk like an Egyptian! Wait, what?


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