Welcome to Kids on the Wise


I am so proud and delighted to finally launch the project I worked so hard on the last couple of years. It is a project that was born inside of a mother's heart. The wish to send children on their way with a strong foundation of knowledge, independence and self-love, sparked the creativity to develop a new kind of good for children of color.

The first impulse that came to my mind was to re-define black in a way that is tangible and accessible for kids and catches their attention. So, I started to work on the calendar book 'Nature's Dark Treasures', and in doing so, more ideas arose: Why not design wall art dedicated to science and culture that features kids of color to create awareness for heritage and identity right within their own space? And when it comes to Self-Expression, a T-shirt collection is a must. So here I am, offering products for young minds, body and soul with positive self-image and inspiring messages.

If Kids on the Wise is one thing, it is love! Love for children, love for knowledge, love for freedom, love for progress and love for the visual arts. 

So, welcome to Kids on the Wise. I hope you enjoy browsing our collection. If you do, let's build together and spread the word.




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