African Kente Christmas Arts and Crafts Template Free Download

Sitting together with your family making Christmas arts and crafts, while listening to your favorite Holiday tunes and the festive lights in your living room twinkling - that is what creates childhood memories! Now mix in some culture vibes and heritage and we have created a hand-made black family heirloom.

So, grab your craft supplies and get creative.

You can download the original template, that lets you glue the Kente paper on colored cardstock for a sturdier garland. Or just print out the No-Cut-No-Glue template on your thickest printing paper.

African Kente Christmas Garland Arts and Crafts DIY Template



You will need

- printing paper

- colored cardstock (available on Amazon)

- glue, pencil, scissors, hole puncher

- jute twine or red and white string


Easy no-cut-no-glue version 

Print template on your thickest printing paper. Cut out shapes, punch holes, thread on twine - finished.



Watch video here

1 Print out template

2 Cut out the paper shapes

3 Copy the shapes' outlines to your cardstock paper

4 Cut out cardstock paper shapes

5 Cut out Kente paper shapes

6 Glue Kente paper on cardstock shapes

7 Punch holes on top of your finished cardstock shapes.

 Alternatively you can also attach the shapes onto the string with mini Christmas clothespins

8 Thread twine through holes - FINISHED!