Ways to Celebrate Black Natural Hair With Kids

Black natural hair comes in a rich tapestry of textures, styles, and shapes, each telling a unique story of identity, culture, and heritage. As parents, caregivers, or educators, we have the remarkable opportunity to foster a deep sense of pride and love for Black natural hair in the hearts of the little ones we nurture.

In this blog post, we'll explore meaningful and creative ways to celebrate Black natural hair with kids. From stories that inspire to hands-on hair care activities and self-expression through art, join us on a journey to help the next generation cherish the beauty of their authentic selves, one kink at a time.

1 Be a role model

Show them your own confidence and beauty, not just when it comes to hair.

2 Let kids experiment while maintaining their natural hair

Let them try different looks and styles. Playing around with their hair and getting to know their own individual texture, and best product practices, lets them have a personal relationship with their own hair. Nevertheless, hair grows from within. It has roots just like a tree and your family.

3 Get our 'Swirls all around'  poster

With our poster "Swirls all around" you can take a new look at the amazingness of black natural hair texture. See how its shape continues through creation.

4 Rethink language

We tend to make off-hand comments that a child’s hair is difficult or express frustration when styling their hair. Instead use words like strong, robust, deep, powerful, thick, vital, fit, big, energetic, firm, full, voluminous, complete etc. to describe our hair. Maybe even magical, because only Afro hair defies gravity!

5 Other people's opinions don't count

Let your child know that the impression that other people have about their hair and appearance does not matter. They don't have to live up to nobody's expectations or likings. 

Teach them how to demand respect if anybody feels to pass a statement or tries to touch their hair in an inappropriate manner. 


6 Change perspective

Change frustration into philosophy. Yes, our hair needs more attention and might take more time to manage which can be painful in every way. Yes, yes, yes. Try to teach your kids that they cannot look at life as being easy or difficult. Judging like this takes all the fun away. Both is part of life, and you cannot have one without the other. Our hair can give us precious life lessons. First comes the struggle and then the beautiful, stunning reward! 

7 Go on a cultural hair journey

Explore our curated book list in the 'Kids on the Wise Book Bin'.

8 Don't over emphasize hair

While our hair is one of the most recognizable physical traits of people of African descent, it doesn't define who we are. Culturally and socially black hair holds a special position, but we should not give our children the idea that it makes or breaks them. Like India. Arie said so simply but beautifully: I am not my hair, I am not my skin, I am the soul that lives within.

9 Make it a soundtrack 

Listen to some cool and funny tunes that make you move and shake your hair! We also added some songs for mom and dads.

I Love My Hair | Gracie's Corner | Kids Songs + Nursery Rhymes - YouTube

My Crown | Black Hairstyles Song | Hair Love Song For Kids (ft. Uncle Jumbo) - YouTube

Sesame Street: Song -- I Love My Hair - YouTube

Barber Shop Bop | Hip Hop Haircut Song for Kids | OmoBerry - YouTube

Braid My Hair feat. Stella Freelon by Pierce Freelon (Official Music Video) - YouTube

India.Arie - I Am Not My Hair (Official Music Video) ft. Akon - YouTube

Cloud 9 by Donnie - YouTube

Nathaniel Shalom - I Love My Dreadlocs - YouTube


Something for the parents:

Dead Prez "The Beauty Within" - YouTube

Solange - Don't Touch My Hair (Video) ft. Sampha - YouTube

Afro (Freestyle Skit) - YouTube


How do you celebrate hair in your family? Leave us a comment below and let us know if you enjoyed reading this article.

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